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IssueHunt Bug Bounty will allow you to get paid for finding vulnerabilities.
We are currently proceeding on a per invite basis. We will invite users progressively.
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What is the bug bounty program?

Bug bounty programs allow individual bug hunters to report bugs to a company and receive rewards. These bugs are usually security exploits and vulnerabilities.


Review the program scope to ensure that you are looking for vulnerabilities that companies are interested in and start research.

2. Report

Write a clear and understandable report when you found vulnerabilities.
The company will review it and send you a message if your report is eligible.

3. Reward πŸŽ‰

Company will pay on triage or once the issue has been fixed.
Once you've got your reward, we will transfer money via bank or Paypal.


01. What is the difference with IssueHunt?

IssueHunt is a bug bounty platform for open source projects. We're preparing a bug bounty platform for companies. We will distribute 3% of company's fee to open source projects on IssueHunt to offer the sustainable development.

02. Who can participate in the bug bounty program?

We have two kind of programs, Public and Private. Everyone can participate in the public programs. Only hunters invited or accepted by the company can participate in private programs.

03. What kind of companies will list the program?

Mainly our target is Japanese companies. Program page is English and you can send and receive messages with English too, don't worry!

04. What vulnerabilities I can report?

The company will introduce the scope, guidelines and other necessary information on their program page. You can research vulnerabilities based on that.

05. All reports can be rewarded?

No. You can see the in scope and out of scope in the program guideline. Reports will not be rewarded if your report is out of scope, duplicate and so on.